1. Red It Is

    (Super sunglasses, Wardrobe Check corset and skirt, Mauve accessories, Casio watch, Crocs flats)

    There’s always a first time for everything! This doesn’t apply to just life experiences, but in clothes as well. I went to Tagaytay a few weeks ago with some friends for my birthday. I knew it was going to be a fun day so I wore this unique checkered top and printed peplum skirt from Wardrobe Check. I was very surprised with this corset + cropped top- the details on the back adds a little drama on my outfit and gave the entire look a surprise.  This peplum skirt on the other hand really helps me hide my stomach! Plus the fit is just perfect. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone! I love it when I pair items from the same store- less hassle for me. I wanted to be more playful for my entire look so I wore this skull and spike bracelets for an edgy effect.  

  2. Break Time

    transparent oxfords from TonicThey’re incredibly cute and stylish! Imagine a preppy girl with glasses wearing it with a button down polo and denim shorts and sock? So adorable! You can do so much with it, wear it with striped socks, colored socks, knee high stockings, etc.sandals by SchuThis pair automatically gives any outfit an edge because of the design. Very military chic. Wear this during the day with a cute military inspired jacket and a pair of mid-waist shorts and you can be part of Beyonce’s Run the World. Haha.foldable flats by Yosi SamraImagine after a tiring day at the office, or a day full of events, or eating somewhere after clubbing - and your feet start to hurt so much because of your five inch heels. What do you do? Good thing this incredibly tiny pair of flats are in my car! It’s so small you can put it inside your bag and bring it with you anywhere! It’s so practical! Check their info so you’ll know where to buy it. Cobalt blue oxfords by Hush Puppies x Anna SuiThese suede oxfords are so classy. I’m really in love with the color cobalt blue. Anna Sui, known for its rich colors palettes and its feminine style meets Hush Puppies’ relaxed style. It’s not just an ordinary pair of oxfords now, right?Lace up flats from Hush Puppies x Anna SuiThese flats are so versatile. You can style them in a way where your outfit can look feminine or edgy. It actually depends on your style. I love collaborations!
    When you wear heels almost everyday, you have to give your feet a break. Let them have some rest and relaxation- and I’ve got these flats to make it happen. BMS.


  3. Random

    Some of the random things I have lying around my room as of the moment.

    This Levis all access card that gives me 10% discount on chosen restaurants (like Opus, Epic, etc)  and free entrance for two on chosen clubs (like Republiq, Fever Luxe Lounge, etc)

    This Holy Seat pouch for travelling and daily use to kill those gross invisible germs inside the bathroom.

    Kiehl’s facial cleanser and lotion. 

    Royce and Ferrero Rocher that someone gave me. Uyyyyy…….

    Tretorn boots that will be very useful now because our weather is hot/cold, sunny/rainy. 

    This box of Smart C+ drink so I can replace my vitamin c pill with this delicious bottles for the entire month. Yum.


  4. Comfit

    Comfit is the latest footwear brand that is not only fashionable and comfy, but affordable too. It’s known for its wide range of on-trend footwear that is light on the purse and heavy on the stylish meter. These are shoes made for every girl. 

    Comfit’s latest collection, “Girls Only,” is all about that unforgettable bond that girls have with each other. It’s all about what girls can appreciate these simple yet profound friendships in life, just as they appreciate walking over to a store and finding that perfect pair of ballet flats.

    No boys allowed- Girls only! BMS.
    Visit their branches:3/F, The Block at SM City North EDSAComfit in 50th Ave., Robinsons GalleriaRockwell Powerplant Mall Archeology section


  5. Sweet and Nice

    Forever 21 ring, Swatch watch, Mauve cuffs

     Mia Casa necklace

    (Topshop top, Taiwan brand pants, Michael Antonio heels)
    I attended the private screening of Thelma, Maja Salvador’s new movie, wearing this (if you haven’t seen it yet, you better). I didn’t know what to wear for the said event so I decided to just wear this.. pa-sweet right?As you’ve noticed, I didn’t pile on that much accessories- just two big cuffs, a big watch and a gigantic ring did the trick. Of course, my Michael Antonio red pumps caught everyone’s attention. There’s really something about the color red. BMS.


  6. themall.ph

     Have you heard of themall.ph? It’s one of the best websites to go to if you want to shop online. They already have suggestions like what gift to give to your friends, item of the day, hot items that you might like to buy, beauty must haves and many many more. 

    Last week, they made a feature about me in their section "Shop Her Style." Check it out HERE.Check out themall.ph now and enjoy shopping while you’re all curled up in your bed. BMS.


  7. Looking For some Simple Blog’s to Follow! :)


  8. My Binondo Girl BTS

    The people behind My Binondo Girl

    If you’re good- try to remember this scene.

    Amethyst, Papa Chen and Yuan.

    Bakit ang ganda pa rin ni Yuan? 

    The Sy family all fashyon.

    Director Francis Pasion telling Ms. Cherry Pie Picache what to do.

     Welcome to Amethyst’s 18th birthday.

     Xian Lim, Ricardo Cepeda and Richard Yap
    The Sy family again. It’s so nice working with them- I love them!!

    Kim Chiu and the three boys- Matteo Guidicelli, Xian Lim and Jolo Revilla.
    Watch My Binondo Girl every night after Budoy. BMS.


  9. Christmas Starts Early with Muji

     I’ve always been in love with Muji. It’s presence in retail is always so clean and crisp. The designs are minimal because their products are translated  as high-quality products and so you won’t have a hard time buying anything you want. They offer almost everything: food, fashion, storage, kitchenware, housekeeping system, health and beauty. 

    To my surprise, I received a package of Muji haircare products and I’ve never liked a scent this much. It’s that scent that will make you smile every time you take a shower and that your mood will be happier all throughout the day. It was like I was a little kid again going to the salon, trying out their shampoo for the first time, liking it too much that I just wanna go back again and again to use it.  The variant is Seven herbs- infused with rosemary, sunflower, sage, peppermint, time, jojoba and lavender extracts to make you energized and leaving you smelling fresh all day. Also, these herbs are known to stimulate growth of healthy hair, leaving it shiny and moisturized.

    And this October- Muji makes Christmas earlier by giving so many discounts and promos!

    1. Save 20% for every pair of Muji Shampoo and ConditionerFor every purchase of 400ml bottles of shampoo and conditioner of the same variant, you get to save 20% from the original amount. 2. For every pair of socks or stockings or a piece of handkerchief, customer gets 50% off on his next purchase of the same item!3. Food items will also be "Buy 1, Take 1 at 50% off" starting October 15 onwards! These are ideal for halloween treats and Christmas munchies.
    So what are you waiting for? Hurry and shop now! BMS.
    **All promos mentions are available in Muji Bonifacio High street, Rockwell Mall, Greenbelt 3 and in SM Mall of Asia.


  10. Mismatched

    Mia Casa Connector ring, Le Papillion red ring, SM Accessories bangle

    (WAGW top, SM Accessories charm necklaces, H&M shorts, Chanel bag, Gold Dot wedges)
    I seriously didn’t have enough time to dress up this day- I just grabbed whatever was available in my closet and piled them altogether. Luckily, I just got accessories from SM and just shopped at WAGW the same week, so I was able to mix clothes in an instant- such lifesavers! Trivia: If I don’t have meetings or shoots, I really don’t like wearing make up. Let your skin rest once in a while- it’s for the better. BMS.